Read A Conversation With Fraser Paterson Edinburgh Tour Guide
fraser pattinson tour guide in edinburgh standing

Following your wise decision to start using the Clean Cleaner cleaning services in Edinburgh we want to offer you some practical suggestions for using the extra time that becomes available with your new found freedom from that particular chore.  Our first suggestion is to discover more about where you live.  With that in mind we had a brief conversation with Fraser Paterson who is a Freelance Tour Guide in Edinburgh as well as a magazine and web journalist specialising in golf & Scottish history

His clients include: The Scots Magazine, Edinburgh Life, Golfblogger UK, Porter Novelli, The List Eating & Drinking Guide 2014 & The Scottish Genealogist.

How did you first begin giving tours?

I’ve had strong presentation and interpersonal skills for several years and a passion for Edinburgh history especially. After a spell as a freelance journalist I had an opportunity to venture into tour guiding. That was four years ago, I have loved almost every minute.

Which has been your favourite tour to give over the years?

It must be the New Town. Talking of a man few people are aware of, James Craig. Also, Lord Joseph Lister and Sir James Young Simpson. Their innovations have improved the world far more any politician has ever managed.

What’s your go-to historic story for telling around the dinner table?

It’s actually not one I tell on my tours, but a Scottish land owning family spanning the 1600’s to the late 1800’s. I researched various portraits of the family for the National Trust for Scotland several years ago. The family manuscripts contain graphic and informative detail on everything you can think of regarding British rule in India and the adventures of an East India Company Ship’s Captain, to tax dodging and living the high life in Scotland and London. I call it a turbo charged version of Downton Abbey, Scotland style!

If you could meet any one dead or alive, who would it be?

Andrew Duncan Senior. In my opinion one of the greatest medical pioneers in the history of healthcare development. An Edinburgh man, his lifespan was the mid 1700’s to the early 1800’s. I would be fascinated to hear of what inspired him to develop an early form of healthcare for the poor and what he felt his Medical Commentaries might help the medical profession achieve. Was it just for Edinburgh, or intended to have wider positive results?

I’d also cheat, giving him some material on our current healthcare service and methods of treatment a week in advance of our meeting. That would enable me to ask his thoughts on 21stcentury healthcare provision also!

Where do you see yourself and the business in 5 years?

I hope to have a team of highly qualified guides working with me, providing specialised first class pre-paid tours on various aspects of Edinburgh’s social history to locals and international visitors alike.